Creating Celebrations of Love, Joy and Togetherness
W edding ceremonies, sacred or secular, are created to commit your hearts and souls, inspire your loved ones and celebrate your union reflecting your unique personalities and beliefs. You may choose a traditional ceremony of one particular faith and denomination, or blend two or more. Or you may find joy in creating your own service. You may want to involve family members or friends in a meaningful way through music or special readings. You may choose to commemorate your heritage or recognize your ethnicity by including some special element. You may be most comfortable using traditional vows, or feel inclined to write your own meaningful promises to each other. Most importantly, you should feel connected with each other in your hearts and beliefs. These descriptions are meant to guide you in creating a heartfelt, meaningful celebration.

TRADITIONAL RELIGIOUS CEREMONY A traditional ceremony is usually taken from a specific faith and is characterized by formal, defining religious elements/rituals/traditions such as the wedding services practiced in the Episcopal, Methodist, Catholic or Baptist churches, or Jewish Synagogue.

SPIRITUAL/NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONY A more modern service, this is a very personal, intimate ceremony inspired and created by the participants, often used in the place of a traditional service. Inspirational readings, poetry and evocative music are incorporated to reflect the beliefs of the couple and awaken a heightened sense of connection and reverence.

INTERFAITH CEREMONY A multi-faith service which combines and blends religious elements and rituals selected by the bride and groom.

CIVIL/SECULAR,NON-RELIGIOUS - No religious texts or rituals are used in the ceremony whatsoever. Since there is also no prayer, a couple may create a meaningful invocation instead. It is also known as a court house, notary, JP or Justice of the Peace ceremony.
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