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TRADITIONAL RELIGIOUS CEREMONY A traditional ceremony is usually taken from a specific faith and is characterized by formal, defining religious elements/rituals/traditions such as the wedding services practiced in the Episcopal, Methodist, Catholic or Baptist churches, or Jewish Synagogue.

SPIRITUAL/NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONY A more modern service, this is a very personal, intimate ceremony inspired and created by the participants, often used in the place of a traditional service. Inspirational readings, poetry and evocative music are incorporated to reflect the beliefs of the couple and awaken a heightened sense of connection and reverence.

INTERFAITH CEREMONY A multi-faith service which combines and blends religious elements and rituals selected by the bride and groom.

CIVIL/SECULAR,NON-RELIGIOUS - No religious texts or rituals are used in the ceremony whatsoever. Since there is also no prayer, a couple may create a meaningful invocation instead. It is also known as a court house, notary, JP or Justice of the Peace ceremony.
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